Dorico 4.1. Deleted my license and the SE version won't run (MacOS 12.4)

After upgrading to Dorico Pro 4.1, all my licenses have been deleted. (Limit of licenses reached). Dorico won’t start and constantly crashes on macOS Monterrey 12.4. I can’t even run Dorico SE.

See video capture: Dorico 4.1 - YouTube

I wonder whether you are suffering from the same problem that a few other Mac users have experienced, where an update to Steinberg Activation Manager has not been fully and cleanly applied, leaving you in a bad state.

To resolve this, please quit Dorico, and quit Steinberg Activation Manager, then in Activity Monitor make sure that neither Dorico, nor the VST Audio Engine, nor Steinberg Activation Manager, nor Steinberg License Engine, are still running. (Alternatively you can restart your computer to be 100% sure these processes are all completely gone.)

Then download and install the latest version of Steinberg Activation Manager from this link, and you should hopefully find that you can successfully start Dorico once more:

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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After trying several times, everything stays the same. Steinberg Activation Manager says that I have reached the license limit, but no computer is activated and Dorico crashes on every attempt to open it. I still can’t even run Dorico SE.

I have uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled it, but nothing changes

Update: After a new clean reinstall I can activate Dorico SE but not run it. It shows this message a few seconds before crashing for the first time.

I can see from looking in our licensing back-end that you have activated Dorico SE 4 on three different computers yesterday and today (3 and 4 June), and that you activated Dorico Pro 4 on two computers on 13 January and on a third yesterday (3 June).

It looks like the computer you have activated Dorico Pro and Dorico SE on in the last 24 hours are the same one. I could remove these licenses on the back end to allow you to re-activate on this computer again.

However, the bigger issue is why Dorico itself won’t launch now. Are you absolutely sure you’re running Steinberg Activation Manager version 1.3.1?

Yes (

Yes to the first, but no to the second. I upgraded to Dorico 4.1 on my old macbook. Everything seemed to be going well. Updating my Mac Mini started the problems. On June 13 when I booted up Dorico on my Macbook and ran SAM to look at the license, it disabled itself and stopped working. I didn’t press any buttons, I just started SAM.

Could you try and collect together some relevant log files so we can take a closer look?

The Dorico crash files will be found inside /Users/your-username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports and will have names beginning with “Dorico”. Please zip them up and attach them here. If you also see any crash logs in there beginning with the word “Steinberg” please also include them.

And please also provide the logs for SAM from /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg – there’s an “Activation Manager” folder in there. Zip that up and attach that here too.

A lot of time away from home these days.

I attach the files
Dorico (14.0 KB)

I can’t attach the Activation Manager folder (too big >4MB)

Here is a link to the file in iCloud:

Hi Alvaro,

Unfortunately the files you have zipped up are the wrong ones. macOS has two very similar-sounding sets of directories, one in

/Library/Application Support/

and one in

/Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support

You’ve attached the former but we need the latter, i.e. /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Activation Manager.

One other thing you could also try is to Sign Out of SAM and then Sign In again - that should completely clear any existing activation data.

OK, here they go.

Activation (82.0 KB)

I sent a ticket and the activation now does not seem to be a problem for SAM (Although Dorico is activated only at startup, without giving time to press the button)

Even though the license is activated, Dorico keeps crashing every time I try to open it. Sign In/Out doesn’t change anything.

Great, thanks. Those logs look consistent with what you say in your most recent post - that both Dorico Pro and Dorico SE are now licensed on your mac. So it sounds like the licensing is OK, and the remaining problem is the crash. Sorry to ask you for yet more log files, but would you be able to zip up

/Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4

There are some Dorico logs in there that might tell us how far Dorico gets before it crashes.

I suspect I have an idea what will be causing the crash. Can you please try moving the file userlibrary.xml out of the way? You’ll find it in:

/Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4

Move the userlibrary.xml file e.g. to your desktop and then try to run Dorico 4: it should now start up.

There they go, Richard. (14.9 KB)

Finally, this worked. Thanks, Daniel!

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this crash. It is fixed in our internal builds and we will be releasing a small bug fix update in the near future including a fix for this problem.