Dorico 4.1 Printing Issue

I set up printing for single sided only (see image). However, the Dorico-specific printing on the right in Print mode insisted not only on printing double sided but on flipping one page.

What am I missing? My workaround was to use my system’s print routines (I’m on a MBP). The printer I’m using is an HP 8710.

Please see this earlier thread:

Daniel: Thanks. Originally, the solution offered in the linked video did not work — I got a “Safari cannot connect to the server” message. For some reason I left the browser window open and about an hour later, I looked at it and saw that the CUPS page had loaded as per the video. I followed the instructions (more or less: the options were a bit different) and now Dorico prints only on one side from its own printer dialogue.

Incidentally, as mentioned in the original version of this comment, Dorico is the only program that required me to enter this fix. All other programs, including Sibelius, will print one-side when using the program’s print dialogues.