Dorico, no 'save as template'

Hi there. I’m running Dorico Elements and I’d love to save a document as a template. But File>Save as template doesn’t seem to exist. Is this not a feature in Elements?


Correct, that is Pro only.

Hi David, you could set up a “template” but save it as a Project, then open it up, immediately Save As… then use it as per normal. It’s the only way to do it on the iPad version too by the way.

Steinberg have sales every so often, so you could snap up a bargain upgrade to Pro. It’s worth it if you’re serious about creating music as it has tons of features beyond just Engrave mode.

And welcome to the forum!

Fair enough. That’s a shame, but I understand. Thanks Craig!

Welcome to the forum @_dreaves!

Of course I could, that’s so easy! Thank you Rob, and thanks for the warm welcome! I’ll keep an eye out for sales, too.