Dorico 4.2 missing paragraph style: Lyrics (tight spacing)

I have no Lyrics (tight spacing) paragraph style in Dorico 4.2. Is this is an unintended omission?

This is not something that is baked in. If you had that in a project, you must have created it for that project, in which case it wouldn’t show up in others unless you saved it in a template file.

Thanks. I saw it used on the Anthony’s “What’s new in Dorico 4.1” video and assumed it was part of that update. It does seem useful, though, so I will add it as an option.

Yes; I’ve done this in a few projects and it is indeed helpful.

In fairness to you, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to bake in. Just have it point to the normal lyrics font and compress to, say, 96%.