Dorico 4.2 update doesn’t recognize MIDI device

Good evening.
I’m writing to you because I’ve been having some problems with the latest Dorico update.
Previously, I was using Dorico 4.0 and all of my Midi devices, such as the “Novation Launchkey MK2”, “Alesis V25” and the “Korg Nanokontrol2” worked fine.

However, I have now updated Dorico to the 4.2 version, and one of my Midi devices called “Korg Nanokontrol2” stopped working in Dorico. The program doesn’t recognize the device, even though it still works in other DAW’s including the older version 3.5 of dorico.
I was wondering if you have some sort of solution to this.

Look here:
Go to Preferences > Play , expand Advanced Options at the bottom and disable WinRT Midi .


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Thanks, it worked!