Dorico 4.2 Vertical input (i.e. "chords"/"triads") not working correctly

Anyone else having this issue?

I just upgraded to 4.2 from 3.5, and just ran into an issue. I’m trying to input multiple notes on the same beat for a mallet instrument, and they come out as an arpeggio, so to speak. See attached video. And yes, I know that’s a minor 3rd :slight_smile:

Works fine for me. Are you using Chord (Q) mode?

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No. Should I be? I’ve never had to use that in earlier versions; regular old Note Input always worked… Using my Korg D1 as MIDI device, if that matters.

Sorry, didn’t know you were using a MIDI controller. Chord mode should not be necessary. I don’t have a MIDI keyboard so, I can’t test it out.

If you’re on Windows, you could try disabling WinRT MIDI:

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Hi Daniel,

That did it! Thanks.