Dorico 4.3.0 not including fermatas in MusicXml export?

It seems that 4.3.0 still isn’t including fermatas in MusicXml export.
Very annoying - hopefully this can be adressed immediately…!
Hundreds of songs waiting to be xml-ified… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

It also doesn’t export system/line breaks, page breaks, system text, staff text, dashed slurs/ties. I’m involved in a project where I have to submit xml as the final product (for eventual real time display and manipulation on a web site). I’m having to import Dorico xml output into MuseScore to add such things to the music. MusicXML output is very disappointing in Dorico. And I’ll add lyrics elisions to the list of things not exported.

Yes, lots of basic stuff missing. Not what you would expect from a version 4 professional level program.


We are planning to do some more work on MusicXML export in the next major development cycle. There are only so many things we can work on at any given time, I’m afraid.

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Just to clarify: Dorico is an exceptional piece of software, with so much talent and musicality and skills put into it, that over and over has surpassed my expectations…! :slight_smile:
With that background, on that grand scale, adding some missing basic musicxml tags doesn’t seem like something that would require a major update…

What can we do to not have to wait? Crowdfound an hour or two? Spirits and cakes…? :slight_smile:

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