Dorico scissor tool not working

I am just wondering if it is only me, i can’t use the scissor tool, After reinstalling the problem persists.
, … shortcut “U” ( it is assigned and reassigned…:wink: clicking it won’t do anything, I am on Win 10 pro 10.0.19043 Build 19043, Dorico Version (Dec 6 2022).
It has worked before (don’t know when the problem started), I am wondering if it is the OS?

“Happy Xmas”

Cheers R

Can you just show us exactly what steps you’re taking? You select a tied note, and press U. What happens?
You invoke the Note entry caret, and move to a point within a note’s duration, and press U. What happens?

Hello Ben,
thanks for the questions as they solved the problem, if there ever was one;) …in my brain only probably.

Cheers R