Dorico 4.3.30 repeatedly crashing

In the past few weeks, Dorico 4 has been crashing several times a day. The crashes always seem to occur when I Shift-Tab to another application (usually email or Finder) but don’t happen every time so it’s not a reproducible event. I’ve never had the problem before now (both 3.5 and 4 have been wonderfully stable up until now) and I’m wondering if anyone has either had a similar recent experience, or if there are some obvious things I might do to dig into/root out the problem. I haven’t really changed anything in my pretty simple setup: still running Mojave on a 2019 15-inch laptop and using NotePerformer 3.
Thanks in advance…

In the Help menu, click on “Create Diagnostic Report” and upload it here.

Any reason you’re still on Mojave?

Dorico (1.3 MB)
Why am I still on Mojave? There isn’t any functionality that I know about that I need that I don’t currently have. I’m getting ready to buy an M2 sometime before the end of summer and I figured I’d get a new OS at that time. However, if running Mojave is causing my crashes, I will gladly upgrade.

There’s a lot more to each new OS than just the headline features that Apple showcases. (Though things like auto-translation of webpages, and built-in OCR of images are nice, as well as all the little things that improve productivity (as with Dorico). There have also been improvements to things like Spotlight and Time Machine that make them more reliable and faster.)

Most importantly, you’re missing out on 3 years’ worth of security patches and bug fixes.

If you have other devices like iPads and iPhones, you may need to keep all the OSes contemporary, in order to use features that sync data between them.

The main benefit of each new OS is not necessarily the showcased bells and whistles for the user, but in features that software developers can use for their apps. Staying on an old version may mean you can’t use a given app, or the latest version. Daniel has already posted that Dorico 5 will require Catalina at least.

Generally, I’d recommend staying on ‘the last completed version’ (currently that’s Monterey), as a balance between the perils of the new and the dangers of the old.

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The crashes you’ve been experiencing, @CharlieM22, are only seen on Mojave, so I think updating your version of macOS to the most recent version you can run on your Mac should resolve them.

I am still on Mojave 10.14 on my 2 main computers (just for reason of software compatibility and a document scanner driver…). So far I never had problems with Dorico crashing. I toggle between applications with Command-Tab.
I know I will have to take action, when Dorico 5 will come out.

Thanks to all who responded. I do keep my iPad and iPhone updated, but have resisted OS updates for basically silly/selfish reasons like ‘I don’t want to have things that work before the update not work after the update or have a different UI unless I really need the update.’ However, @benwiggy’s points are well-taken and @dspreadbury’s weigh-in certainly shouldn’t be ignored. Will update this weekend.

It’s worth saying that things are more likely to break with a ‘large delta’ change in OS version, rather than from one to the next. It’s a bit like any maintenance or housework : it only gets overwhelming if you don’t keep on top of it! Good luck for the weekend.

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before updating a macOS you may have a look at the system report, where you can check on compatibility issues.

Hi there,

Today I am working on my old machine and Dorico 4.3.30 crashes too often under Mojave on iMac2013. I attach the diagnostic report.

Dorico (2.4 MB)

These problems are caused by an issue with the iCloud APIs in Mojave. I would strongly recommend you update your Mac to a later operating system version if possible.

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Great info to know. I’ve been having crashes after saving a PDF to iCloud (no work lost), and this explains it. I’m due for a System update to prepare for Dorico 5 anyway.