Dorico 4.3.31 Sound Content

I,’ VERY confused about where the sound content for Dorico 4 is available for download: is it embedded in the program installation? is it a Halion installation?
In Steinberg Download assistant I find dozens of sound content for Halion. Which ones should I install? are they included in my Dorico 4 purchase?

Install all. One can move various libraries to a different location later using the Steinberg Library Manager.

It might be an idea to install the packages marked as “recommended “ initially

Thanks both for your suggestions!

To be clear, you should only install the content items shown when you choose Dorico Pro 4 in the list of products on the left-hand side in Steinberg Download Assistant, rather than downloading and installing all VST sound content listed everywhere in SDA.

Thanks Daniel, it makes more sense now…
I’ll do -