[Dorico 4.3 & 5] Surge XT (VST) buttons suddenly non-responsive

Hey Friends,

Congratulations on the new version! I can’t wait to explore it all, especially the stages/spaces feature.

I just completed an opera in Dorico that uses a lot of synths, and especially microtonal synths. For that, I used Surge XT, which worked very well within Dorico 4 (specifically 4.3). Now, a few months after the premiere, I’m returning to the score to start revisions, and certain buttons within Surge XT are now non-responsive—but only when used within Dorico. (Interestingly, this issue is not present when using Surge XT as a standalone program, nor when using it as a VST in Ableton Live 10.) The buttons that I know do not respond are: the instrument browser, “tune” (sad day), and the “menu” button at the bottom right. There may be others.

I updated to Surge XT v.1.2.3 today, and I also started the trial of Dorico 5, but none of that resolved the problem. The only thing I can think of is that I updated my MacOS to Ventura 13.4 between the premiere and now, but I don’t know how that might relate to this very specific situation.

For reference, I’m on a 2018 (!) Intel MacBook Pro, and I’ve uploaded a Dorico Diagnostics.zip file.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (789.3 KB)

Many thanks in advance for your help!

I don’t have any great insights to offer here, I’m afraid. Does it feel as if your clicks are being processed in the wrong place? Could it be some kind of display density issue, where the clicks are somehow offset?

I really can’t think of what might be going on here. Maybe @Ulf has an idea?

Thanks for the reply—I don’t think the clicks are being processed in the wrong place, since the buttons will… I dunno, “halfway-change” color? (If the full-click is supposed to turn a button orange, my current clicks turn it a pale orange-gray, like the button is being depressed but not released, or hovered over but not selected.) And I don’t think it’s a display sensitivity issue either, since other VSTs work fine, and Surge XT itself works fine both standalone and as a VST within Ableton Live.

I’ve just installed Surge XT myself and it’s working all right here. All of the buttons you describe show menus. Do you have multiple displays connected to your computer? If you move the plug-in window to your other display, do the menus appear?

Hi @dspreadbury, sounds weird at first thought, but could that be our MIDI-out thread issue? Another explanation I simply don’t have.
could you provide Jeremy the beta in order to see how that behaves with him?

I don’t, just the one display (the one integral to the laptop). What’s truly weird about this is that it’s only the “tune” and “menu” buttons, and the “tune” button is, more or less, the whole reason why I’m using Surge XT in the first place. It isn’t my trackpad, since I have this issue no matter where on the screen the window is (and I don’t have issues clicking anything else). It also isn’t a problem with regular, old, non-XT Surge, which uses a different code base.

Very strange. Ulf would like you to try an updated build of the audio engine in case that helps shed any light, so let’s try that, but I must say I’m not hopeful.

One more thought: you can resize the Surge XT window by dragging its corners: does the size of the window and thus its contained controls make any difference to whether you can click on those menu buttons?