Dorico 4.3 Audio engine process died

I just updated to Dorico 4.3 and every time I start the program I get a message that the audio engine process died. I have tried looking for solutions on the forums, but they have not solved my issue. I am attaching what I hope is the proper zip file with diagnostic reports. (1.6 MB)

It looks as if the audio engine is unable to start. Can you zip up and attach the Dorico 4 Audio Engine folder from /Users/your-username/Library/Preferences?

The folder does not exist on my computer. Here is a screen shot of my folders.

Sorry, you are looking at the wrong Library folder. You are looking at the root of your hard drive, but there is also a Library folder in your home directory.
So click on Users instead, then the folder with your user name and then Library and so on.

I don’t seem to have a Library folder unless I’m still looking in the wring spot. I only went to the root of the drive because I couldn’t find the folder in my user folder. Thoughts?

Yes, please run the attached shell script. To do so, first unzip it and then double click. After a few seconds it shall create a diagnostics file on your desktop. (511 Bytes)

Will that work in Terminal? I probably should have mentioned I’m on a Mac.

Yes, you can open a Terminal window and drag and drop the script in there and hit enter (2.3 MB)

Thanks for the data. The case is crystal clear.
You have an old Groove Agent SE plug-in that is crashing the audio engine.
Please have a look in the folder /Library/Application Support/Steinberg and see if there or in a subfolder is some Groove Agent bundle to be found. If so, simply delete it and then try to start Dorico again. It should start fine then. If not, send me a fresh diagnostics report. (2.3 MB)
I deleted the files but it’s still not running. Here’s the fresh diagnostics report.

Well, there is a fresh crash file contained and that shows that the audio engine still finds that Groove Agent bundle and crashes on it. Can you please make sure again that you really deleted that bundle and possibly if it is still somewhere else around?

Up and running again! Thank you so much! I found more Groove Agent files under Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components and Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content.

Excellent, I’m glad to hear that you are up and running now.

No need for Terminal. It’s just that the user Library is normally hidden. In the Finder, click on the Go menu with the Option key held down. Then you can choose Go > Library.