Dorico 4.3, colored chord symbols are printed in black only

Hello Forum,

in my music sheets I have displayed the chord symbols in “red” for better display.

Although these are also displayed in red in Write mode, they are now only printed in black, or when creating a PDF, they are only printed in black.

Print destination is graphic, PDF, color

However, in the print preview the symbols are only displayed in black, the print preview was correctly displayed with all colors in 4.2.

Have now once in the layout the title and in the staves the repetitions colored, these are also correctly colored in the print preview and printed.

As it looks, it only affects the chord symbols.

Up to version 4.2 everything worked best with the colors.
Does anyone have any advice for me, thanks in advance.

Greetings Klaus

Thanks for reporting this, Klaus. We can reproduce the problem and will make sure it is fixed as soon as possible.

Hello Daniel,

Thank you for the clarification and feedback.

Greetings Klaus