Dorico 4.3 crashes on new file with user-created template

Dorico (1.2 MB)
Dorico 4.3 crashes every time I try to create a new file with one of my saved templates. No crashing happens when I open a file that was created with said template. I have upload a diagnostic report.

In addition, went through the following steps:

  • made a copy of the template file [~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4/Project Templates/],
  • removed the template from the Steinberg Hub Open/New dialog
  • attempted to open the copied template file, resulting in an Error Opening File dialog, accompanied by the file opening progress bar at 23%

This is a template file I use a lot, so it would be great if there was a way to not have to recreate it from scratch.


I’m continuing to troubleshoot because I need to work on a new score from this template.

  • Opened a recent file created with the template
  • Deleted all music and score info, and Saved As newtemplate
  • Closed and opened newtemplate as a Dorico score with no crashing
  • Saved newtemplate as a new template
  • Attempting to create a new score made from newtemplate results in a crash

Could you attach the template that crashes here?

New Uke Lead Sheet.dorico (703.3 KB)
Here you go. Thanks!

I can’t reproduce the crash myself, but the crash log does show what’s happening, and we can add some protections to hopefully prevent the crash from happening again in future. Thanks for reporting this.

Thanks, @dspreadbury . What can I do in the meantime to avoid having to re-create my template layout?

For the time being, you probably need to return to Dorico 4.2, I’m afraid. A maintenance update will be along soon with a fix.

Ok. For now I’m doing it the old way of opening a saved file as my template to start a new score. I look forward to the next release. Thanks!

Just confirming that this appears to be fixed in 4.3.11. Thank so much for the quick and thorough update!