Dorico 4.3 crashing -

I have started to use the piano roll input for drum set - opening the lower panel and using the drum stick icon to input hits on the drum set - it works great as an input device!

However…. Whenever I save the project Dorico crashes and then when I re-open I get no sound.

This seems to be a repeatable error - setting up a 4 bar test project and doing 4 bars drum input, save - crash (Dorico, not the crash cymbal!). This has happened every time I try and save the project - it is getting a bit annoying.
I am using NotePerformer
Has anyone else has this issue? And … does anyone know how to stop Dorico crashing.? Other than mail and Safari (the web browser) no other apps were running.

I am using an 2.3Ghz 8 core Intel core i-9 processor, 64 GB 2667 MHz DDR4 memory running iOS Ventura 12.3.1 (a)

Dorico is version (Mar 10 2023) with Dorico 4 AudioEngine version

Thanks in advance.


Can you create a Diagnostic Report from Dorico’s Help menu and download the zip file that appears on your desktop? That usually leads to the fastest evaluation of what is going wrong.

Stephen, it would be helpful if you could indeed do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here, though I think I know what will be going wrong, and I’ll send you a private message with more details.

Hi Daniel,

First - Thank you for such prompt and helpful and interested support - I am very grateful for your willingness ness to help. Here attached is the zip file you asked me to create:

Dorico (731 KB)

Thanks for the crash report. It looks like this is a different problem than the one I imagined it might be – could you provide me with your project file and the steps required to reproduce the crash?


Please, what do you mean by project profile?

This file - which is one flow only and uses the Dorico build you asked me to install and try does not now crash.

Jazz Composition Chpt 3_b.dorico (836 KB)

Jazz compoosition Chpt 3.dorico (743 KB)