Dorico 4.3 Elements update Generate Chord Symbols has disappeared


I just updated from Dorico Elements 4.2 to 4.3.
When I right- click on a melody and go to ‘Chord Symbols and Diagrams’, the option to ‘Generate Chord Symbols’ has gone and been replaced with ‘Generate notes with chord symbols in selection’, and ‘Paste Chord Symbols as Notes’. There are no chord symbols in my selection, only notes. And, I’m pretty sure those two features are for Dorico Pro, not Elements - they don’t do anything if I select them having selected some chord symbols. Is this a bug, has Generate Chord Symbols moved?

Thank you in advance,

Welcome to the forum, Oliver, and I’m sorry that your first post here is concerning a bug, for that is indeed what this is. We will issue a fix for this soon (we’re just trying to make sure that we sweep up any other urgent fixes that are needed for other nits in the Dorico 4.3 feature set before we do).

You can move back down to Dorico 4.2 temporarily if you like. The installer is still available at the bottom of this page:

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for replying. And since you are reading this, I’ll take the opportunity to thank you personally for your excellent videos: your calm demeanour and clear presentation of, sometimes quite complicated, things is really helpful, and your excitement about Dorico is infectious.

No worries about the bug. They must be inevitable in any software this powerful. I’ll just downgrade to 4.2, or maybe ask support if I can trial the Pro version again now it has all these new tantalising features like ‘Generate Notes from Chord Symbols’.

Congratulations to everyone there for continuing to push the boundaries on what score software is and what it can do. There are a lot of people (myself included) who really appreciate that.

Best wishes,


Thanks for your kind words, Oliver, and sorry again for the inconvenience caused by this bug.