Dorico 4.3 keeps crashing

I would recommend using EtreCheck, which is an app that generates a detailed report about the state of your OS, installed software and disk.

It shows you what third-party software has been installed that might be causing a problem, e.g. things like Audio Drivers, or other ‘non-app’ software. You can post the report here, as there’s no identifying or personal info included.

Other tests you can do to pinpoint the problem include booting into Safe Mode, or testing in a brand new user account; to see if the problem persists or not under those conditions.

Alternatively, it might be simplest just to erase your data and start again from a clean disk. Then be careful about what you restore!

Note that you don’'t need to wipe the whole disk anymore: the OS is on a separate, read-only volume.

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Hi @benwiggy thank you for the tips! I will probably erase my Mac. Here’s my EtreCheck report, don’t know what to change based on that. I don’t have the automatic updates, because I don’t want to update the operating system. And my Time Machine backup is on an external SSD.

If you see anything suspicious or have other tips, thank you in advance!

Etre_Jarkko - iMac 2023-01-13.pdf (73.0 KB)

Wow. You’ve got so much stuff hooked into your OS. Is it all a) necessary and b) up-to-date?

Disk utilities by third-party vendors like Western Digital, Samsung, are notorious for being really badly written on macOS and more trouble than they are worth.

AppCleaner. Generally, I recommend avoiding any app that claims to ‘clean’ your Mac.

Suuntolink? All that, for a watch? Cause there’s loads of it, and it was installed in 2020.

Spartan modem? PPPmonitor?

You don’t need to answer my questions, but just ask yourself if you need all these LaunchAgents, Daemons, kernel extensions, etc, etc… (NPAPI Internet plug-ins are deprecated!) The more you have, the more likely a problem is.

Are you using the Duet Apogee AND UAD2?

Also, the “Clean-up” section suggests you’ve got some stuff that is missing, which other stuff is looking for.

Etrecheck also suggests you’ve got loads of 32-bit apps that don’t work on Monterey.

Finally: there’s no reason to disable security updates.

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One more thing: You first posted about problem in November. You installed Rogue Amoeba’s loopback on 1st November. Coincidence?

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I think coincidence, this has happening for a year.


First of all THANK YOU for taking your time!

Ouch…I will check all of this!

@Ulf @dspreadbury

Unfortunately another crash after erasing the HD and reinstalling everything. Do these files give a hint?
Activation (105.3 KB) (248.4 KB) (17.8 KB) (700.3 KB)

It looks like the same problem, I’m afraid: Dorico is responding to a notification that a MIDI device has spontaneously appeared, and is crashing. This suggests to me that you still have some kind of instability in the connection between your MIDI device(s) and your Mac.

Are your MIDI devices powered over USB? If so, you might want to consider a dedicated power supply for them, in case there are some problems with the voltages delivered over USB to your MIDI devices. It would be worth checking your USB cables as well.