Dorico 4.3 keeps on crashing on Save as... and Export lyrics

I’ve updated to Dorico 4.3 few days ago and mostly it works perfectly fine. Now I’m working on a new score and it keeps on crashing on saving. Few days ago I wanted to try the new “Export lyrics” feature, and every time it crashed, until I decided to give up and do a simple Select more + Copy/Paste to Word.
Interestingly, even though the new score wasn’t even saved a first time, it keeps on recovering it until last auto-saved version, which is fine: unfortunately, when I try to save it, even with a different name from the one it prompts, it freezes and never complete the saving. Also tried to open the recovered project, open a new empty file with same instruments, copy/paste all of the notes and data at once, then Save the new untitled file: again the same freeze. What am I missing?

Uh, another weird thing: I just tried to make a new crash, only to have a crash report to attach, but it didn’t show anything, just crashed. When reopening and loading the recovered version, I tried to save it to another folder and it worked perfectly. I’m talking about folders in local memory, (first it was the main, which is Dorico Documents inside Documents, now I tried to save the file in Download).

Hi @giovanni_molaro , that what you describe sounds like a crashing or hanging audio engine that Dorico waits for indefinitely. Could you please do in Dorico from the menu Help Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here? From that we get a much better picture and can give further advice.

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One other user has reported Dorico crashing in a non-reproducible way when using the new Export Lyrics feature, but the crash logs didn’t allow me to see what was really going on. If you could please provide the diagnostics by choosing Help > Create Diagnostic Report and uploading the resulting zip file here, I would be grateful.

Dorico (845.3 KB)
Hello @Ulf and @dspreadbury, thank you for your help: here is the report.

Interestingly this appears to be a crash in our licensing engine. I will ask my colleagues who work on that project if they can shed any light on what might be happening.

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I’ve had the same problem, intermittently, on two different projects that I’ve tried. Just now it crashed trying to export to the desktop. I restarted D and the same project and saved instead to the project folder and it was successful. Tried again to save to desktop and it crashed. Restarted and again successfully saved to the project folder.
Dorico (3.7 MB)

I hope this info helps. I’m attaching the diagnostic report. Thanks for this feature, BTW.

Unfortunately there are no crash logs in your diagnostics file. Where was the project you were exporting lyrics from located, and where did you choose to save your exported lyrics?

project folder:

This is the folder where the project lives and where I successfully chose to export:
users\kimtaulbee\documents\scores\Christmas\Christ Has Come - 2022

The default location for lyric export is consistently:
This is where the export crashes.

Interestingly, Dorico doesn’t actually lock up, but the save dialog gets stuck. I’m attaching consecutive screen shots.

Right, so Dorico seems to be hanging at the point at which you confirm the Save dialog? Please take a spindump of the Dorico process via Activity Monitor, zip it up and attach it here.

Here ya go

try again
Spindump for (380.1 KB)

That unfortunately doesn’t give us very much to go on. Would you be willing to share the project itself?