Dorico 4.3 - preferred HALion instrument not working

In Preferences > Play there are options for preferred or best version of HALion instrument to use. I have set the preferred instrument to HALion 6. Using the “best” option should also use HALion 6 if I understand the feature correctly.

After selecting and option and clicking apply it works for the current session.

After restarting Dorico it loads the SE version regardless of the settings.

I’m not able to reproduce this. If I start a project using full HALion, then save, close and reopen the project, it definitely loads back up with full HALion. Are you on Windows or Mac?

Hi Daniel,

I’m on Windows 10. Loading an already saved project works fine. The problem I’m having is with the new play option. If I understand it correctly it should use the best available (or preferred) version of HALion when creating new projects. I would expect it to load full HALion 6 but it loads the SE version instead.


That’s right, when you start a new project, it should use full HALion if you have it installed. What if you set Use preferred instead of Use best available. Does that then successfully choose full HALion when you start a new project?

It is strange because when I change the setting and click apply it does work. It works with both preferred and best.

But only while Dorico is running. As soon as I close and reopen Dorico next time it loads the SE version regardless of the settings.

That’s very weird. Do the values in the Preferences dialog appear to change when you restart Dorico? Is it losing any other preferences, as far as you can tell?

No, the values stay the same. If I change them back and forth, they work until I close Dorico.

No, as far as I can tell.

Well, that’s really weird. I will have another go at trying to reproduce this.

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