Dorico 4.3 Pro Help Won't Display

When I go to the Help Menu and click on ‘Dorico Help’ nothing happens. Please help me out here.
Also tried clicking on ‘check for updates’ and nothing! What’s going on? Also, going to Support > Steinberg Service and Support does nothing.

I restarted my PC and even reinstalled Dorico 4.3 and still no luck. I also tried turning off Windows Defender and turning my firewall off NONE of which worked to get the help back up and running.

Quick question: Does Dorico 4.3 used Microsoft Edge by default because at one point I uninstalled it using ‘Your Uninstaller’ to try to see if that would fix my issue with the resizing of the Mixer window which is a know bug (see a previous post I made). Now, I’m trying to figure out how to get Edge back. Or is there a way to tell Dorico to open help in Chrome?

Go here to download Edge:

Dorico opens Help in whatever your default browser is set to.

Ok, reinstalling… took a while to find a download link. Apparently Microsoft assumes you can’t uninstall it, but ‘Your Uninstaller’ is the swiss army knife of uninstallers… Finally got it reinstalled and help is working again. Phew! Well, that’s the last time I uninstall a browser to fix a problem with Dorico.

Reminds me of the old adage, “With great power comes great responsibility.” I probably won’t use my uninstaller on system apps again. Bad idea.

The link is at the bottom of the page. Did you scroll down? It’s meant to be simple,

In a standard Windows installation Microsoft automatically makes Edge the default browser, so uninstalling it in the first place is never a good idea.

However, if you don’t like it and want to use Chrome or Firefox, you can install these browsers and then switch the default to one of them.

Dorico is not automatically searching for Edge, it takes the default and if you change it the help system should also open in Chrome or Firefox.