Dorico 4.3 - Problems with VSL Vienna Suite

On my mixer output bus, I’m using both VSL Vienna Suite and Vienna Suite Pro. With Dorico 4.3, I can only load the pro plugins. If I attempt to open the GUI of the former suite I get a message stating that the plugin is not licensed to run and to check whether the elicenser key is connected. I checked my ilok cloud account and everything appears to be fine i.e. the Vienna Suite (and Pro) are both active.

Now that the the drop down plugin list is categorized by vendor, I have two:

  • Vienna Symphonic Library - this has all the Vienna Suite plugins
  • VSL - this has all the Vienna Suite Pro plugins

Would the issue of licensing be related to the above vendor naming split i.e. the full name Vienna Symphonic Library is not recognised?

Most of my files prior to 4.3 are using the original Vienna Suite and I want to continue using some of these plugins e.g. The original VSL Multiband came with many useful presets that were not ported over to the Pro plugin version. Go figure!

Note also that I have disconnected my elicenser as I needed to free up a USB port but this shouldn’t cause a problem because I’m using ilok cloud.

You might want to run this by VSL support as well. Sounds like it might be more of a licensing issue than a Dorico issue.

The state of your VSL licenses won’t have any impact on how the plug-ins are categorised in Dorico’s menus. It does sound, however, as if some of your older VSL plug-ins still require the USB-eLicenser rather than having been migrated to iLok.

exactly. If, like me, you have VSL instruments or plug-ins bought before the changeover to iLok, they will still require eLicenser unless you have not only specifically migrated the license but also re-downloaded the new iLok version of the software.

As a matter of interest, why do you use both? I have both available, but only installed Pro.

He already explained why.

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I found the solution. It turns out that while I had the elicenser connected, I was never aware of whether I had the 32 or 64-bit versions of the older Vienna Suite installed. Today I opened Vienna Assistant and it now had an option to download the 64-bit versions. So problem solved. Thanks everyone for your input.