Dorico 4.3: Staccato playback stopped working for some playback templates

I use NotePerformer as my default playback template and since the update to 4.3, I’ve noticed that the playback no longer responds to notated staccato articulations. It’s supposed to shorten the note length by 50%, but adding staccato markings has no effect on playback note length whatsoever.

I’ve checked the other factory playback templates, and they all respond as expected to staccato markings except the HSSE+HSO (Pro) template, which has the same issue as NotePerformer. Curiously, both of the affected templates reduce note length by 50% when adding the staccato tenuto articulation.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any thoughts on how to solve it? I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling NotePerformer to no avail.

Many thanks in advance!


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Hi I’ve noticed the same issue while trying to program an expression map for the Session Horns Pro in Kontakt


Interesting. Have you checked whether there’s a manual override of playback options in your expression map? That could explain issues like these, but that wasn’t the case for me.

It’s possible the note duration may be affected by the new “Maximum duration for staccato playback technique” in Playback Options. This option isn’t supposed to affect the note duration, but it’s possible that that’s what is happening.


That’s it! Disabling this option solved the problem. Thank you, Richard!

@dspreadbury This can’t be the way this new option is supposed to work, right? I’ve seen a more recent post about the same issue, so I wanted to bring this to your attention.

Don’t worry, I’m aware, and I’ll look into it. You don’t need to tag me, because I read literally every single thread here on the forum.


Thanks, Daniel!

As playback options is not available in Dorico Elements, is there a workaround for that version? (I thought staccato was a separate “technique” in NotePerformer rather than just a function of note length)

Welcome to the forum, @Sonicwave. If you send me your project, I’ll happily flip that option for you and then send it back to you.


Thanks @dspreadbury; is there a way to send it by private message?

Absolutely. Click on my name, which will pop up a panel with some info about me. Then click the big blue Message button that you’ll see in there.

Seems like my account wasn’t old enough, but after scrolling through more posts I see the option now.

Dear Daniel

I’ve run into the same issue on Dorico Elements (staccato marks on quarter notes), where the Playback Options dialog is unfortunately not available. Staccato isn’t used on those notes (they show as being resolved to Natural in Play Mode), and unfortunately Dorico Elements users can’t use the solution post of this thread.

Will Dorico Elements get a setting to address this as well?

(I appreciate your generous workaround of sending a project to you to flip that setting, but that solution doesn’t scale to all users of course, and wouldn’t be the best use of your valuable time :slight_smile: )

Thanks for your feedback and with kind regards

No, Dorico Elements isn’t going to be getting the Playback Options dialog any time soon, I’m afraid. If you have any projects in which you’d like this option to be changed, you are welcome to send them to me.

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Of course, I was not asking for the Playback Options to be available in Dorico Elements :slight_smile:

What I’d hope for is that quarter notes with a staccato articulation would trigger staccato playback, whatever the piece’s tempo might be.

Appreciate your offer to set that option on users’ projects sent to you though!

All the best

Daniel, Would the situation be improved by either having the default setting to off (thus allowing pro users to use it if they wish), or at least setting the default to crotchet, rather than quaver (since staccato crotchets are common in many genres, and just cutting the duration is a poor substitute)?

Personally, I’d like to be able to set it to short/medium/long etc which would fit nicely with the other expression map controls and accommodate different tempi.

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As it happens we agree that the default value for this option should be quarter note (crotchet) and it will be set accordingly in future.

(no chance for the short/medium/long option…?? Rats!)

So to be clear, if I want staccato to work I have to shell out £400 for an upgrade to Dorico Pro?

How much did you shell out for the kind of sound set these folks are talking about?
Staccato works fine in Note Performer or the included HALion SE sounds.