Dorico 4.3 - Synchronizing edited dynamics of multiple systems

The function introduced in Dorico 4.3 (?) to synchronize the edited dynamics of a “primary” instrument with other systems seems to apply to the dynamics of the entire part, i.e. over its entire length, at least that’s what I unfortunately found out. For me, however, the function only makes sense if it only refers to a selection range, if there is such a range. I really hope that this will be added.

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I don’t quite understand this yet, despite the very readable translation. Perhaps it’s because Dorico in English uses different specific terms for some of these things.

My guess so far of what you mean is that some operation with linked dynamics (i.e. between staves, not ‘systems’) is affecting the dynamics in an entire flow, rather than just the passage you’re working on. Could you post a Dorico project that demonstrates what you are seeing?

I believe Bertram is referring to syncing regions in the Key Editor, not to the dynamics in the regular music display.

You can use the “sync region” button in the Key Editor toolbar:

to sync only the regions you click on, rather than all of the regions shown in the editor.

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Ah yes! Thanks Daniel.
Maybe the announced tooltips will help to grasp the difference between the “Sync” switch (total dynamics) and the range sync tool more intuitively.
The range tool works well, as expected. The sync switch would perhaps be better provided with a hint about its potency.