Dorico 4 4.3.30. Sonoma 14.1 compatibility

What are the experiences? Are there any problems? Would be good to know before I update my Mac.

I have a major problem with the Steinberg UR242 external sound card. The driver doesn’t work with Sonoma yet.
No problem with Dorico so far (little glitches that will probably disappear with 5.1)

Thanks, my question was about Dorico 4.3…

Yes, sorry :wink:
But you could have had an external sound card and experienced the same problem I have — nobody talks about it so it could be misleading.
I haven’t tried 4.3 with Sonoma but I could do that tomorrow if you want — I’ve kept all versions of Dorico since v1

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We don’t officially support Dorico 4 on Sonoma, but I’ve run it from time to time on my Mac running Sonoma and haven’t encountered any problems. That’s not to say there aren’t any, of course, but I certainly don’t know of any.

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Thank you