Dorico 4 - Adding new playback techniques is very slow

It could be my pc but whenever I add a new playback technique in Dorico 4 it’s very slow. What I mean is when I’m typing the new technique name it’s crawling along. I type a letter and it appears maybe a second or two later. When I backspace to correct what I’ve typed it again is lagging in response. Has anyone else experienced this?

Do you mean in the Library > Playback Techniques dialog itself, Andy? Do you have an unusually large number of playback techniques defined in your project?

I don’t think especially. I’ve probably added around 10 to 15 for OTs Phoenix Orchestra because it features some very unique playing techniques. At this stage I’m only testing the EMs and Templates I’m creating for Phoenix. I’ve broken it down into separate projects for Bowing, Plucking, Winds and Percussion so it’s light on resources. At the end of the day I can create new techniques no problem but I was just curious to know why typing in the name for a new one I wanted to add was lagging so much behind my typing.

On a broader front, in recent weeks I have added a number of new playback and playing techniques as I’ve been refining EMs. Where appropriate I have also starred these for use in all projects.

I’m tending now to largely use the default techniques provided with Dorico 4. So I deleted a number of the ones I’d added and reviewed my mapping to the available articulations. Take Berlin Symphonic Strings for example. The articulations available include a number of additional Legato types like Rapid and Pattern that in retrospect, unless there’s some note length condition that I could match them to, are unnecessary. They work fine in a DAW but are not appropriate for Dorico, at least I don’t believe so.