Dorico 4 and Dorico SE in the same computer

Can Dorico 4 Pro and Dorico SE coexist in the same computer? Any issues with licensing?
Thank you

They are the same app β€” the licensing will grant you access or not to some features. I think the key switching magic that was possible in prior versions is not there yet.

Marc is correct. It will be possible to start Pro as either Elements or SE in due course, but it’s not currently supported. You cannot currently easily have both Pro and SE in the same account and start only one of them on demand, so I would advise against trying that for now as well.

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Thank you for the prompt answer and advice! I will not do it!! But I will briefly explain the reason for my question. I have Dorico 4 Pro officially installed and running in my studio. However, I have students and, with the pandemics, they are now having online lessons. It occurred to me to suggest to my students to download Dorico SE. I would have my own SE installed and we would communicate better, since most of them use Finale. A second question would be: Can Dorico SE open a score for piano and a solo instrument created in Dorico 4 (even with some features missing)? Thanks again!

Yes, you can freely send projects back and forth between Dorico Pro and Dorico SE, so it would be a fine idea to recommend the software to your students.