Dorico 4 and expression maps

You know if Dorico 4 has enriched its maps expression bank vis-à-vis the largest libraries like VSL? Waiting for library providers is not enough, as they are well served by competitors. VSL, for example, updates with Dorico for its own new features, but does not go back on pre-Dorico libraries (available for Sibelius, for example). Steinberg would have to cover at least that void.

Dorico 4 does not include any new expression maps for third-party virtual instruments.

Too bad. But I see that there are new extraordinary functions. A big step forward. Thank you Daniel.

Expression Maps for the VSL VI series are available from Symphonic Riot.

Thank you. I know well (and it’s very well done). But things are missing, like saxophones.

Hello Bill, thanks so much :blush:!

Hello Claude,

As the impressive Dorico 4 update shows, the Dorico team must have been extremely busy recently :blush:, and so I think it is clear that they cannot provide support for the vast number of sample libraries out there themselves. They rather provide the framework so that developers can support their libraries … and I hope there will be some extensions to the underlying Expression Map mechanism in the near future that will allow developers to further improve the automatic playback.

I am not sure if you saw that in our recent update to Articulate Presets we released the “VSL Compatibility Map”, which gives users basic access to the other Vienna Instruments Series libraries that are not fully covered by Articulate Presets at this point.
In contrast to the preliminary version I had sent you some time back, it offers some new features and is now fully compatible with the Articulate Map (using the same symbols and conventions). Moreover, it is now also fully documented in the Articulate Map manual. Just like the Articulate Map, we plan to improve it in the future.

All the best


Hello Kai, thank you for keeping me informed (and at the same time all other interested parties). This is very good news and I will see it soon enough. Yours truly.