Dorico 4 and VEP 7


I’m playing around with the new VEP 7 and I was able to load it in Dorico 3.5 but not sure why I’m not able to view it as a choice in the drop-down menu in the VST rack in Dorico 4.

Has anyone else had this issue?


p.s. and not able to see SYNE from OT as well…

Maybe it’s blocked - look in the program settings under VST plugins.

You mean here? I don’t see anything…

Please do Help >Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Dorico (572.4 KB)

You are on the new M1 chip. I don’t know VEP 7, but is it already M1 compatible?
You could try to start Dorico in Rosetta mode and see if it then turns up.
Furthermore, on native Apple Silicon we don’t support VST2 plug-ins anymore. Maybe that is the reason why you don’t see SYNE.

Hi Ulf,

ahh Rosetta mode, I forgot that if the host is running native it will not see the not native plug-ins!
I started Dorico 4 in rosetta and I was able to use VEP 7 and use SINE within VEP.

At the same time if I unblock SINE in the VST Plugs window it shows up as well.

Really appreciated your Sunday support in clarifying this issue!


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