Dorico 4 and Vienna Instruments PRO black screen

Hi there,
I opened up a project from Dorico 3.5 into Dorico 4 (with latest update).
Everything loads up fine and plays back as before, except that the V.I.Pro plugin screen comes up totally black. I’ve done all the updates available from VSL and nothing has fixed this problem. Also, when I open the plugin as standalone, the screen shows all that it’s supposed to show.
So I’m thinking there’s an issue within Dorico 4.
Is anyone else running into the same issue? If so, any ideas to solve the matter?

Screen that I should see

Screen that I actually see from within Dorico 4

don’t know if it matters, but the latest version is 2.5.18664

you hit it on the spot. My bad; thought I had the latest updated version. Thanks for the info. It works now.