Dorico 4 - Audio Engine, Waiting for connection is the message I got when I wanted to use Dorico

UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE!! Why on earth Dorico seems to need an Internet connection even though my Internet connection was working perfectly well?!!

I could not use Dorico and I got the following message:

If it’s hanging at this point, this normally means that the VST Audio Engine process has crashed. Close Dorico, force quitting if necessary (from Activity Monitor on Mac or Task Manager on Windows), and also force quit/end process VST Audio Engine.

This connection is between Dorico and VST Audio Engine. It’s not referring to your internet connection.

Thanks for your feedback.

I closed Dorico several times and it would not restart and basically it got stuck at the screenshot that I provided.
I had to reboot my computer to have the problem sorted. The problem is that, when I have many things opened, to do a reboot is something that I am not looking for.

Yep. As I said, VST Audio Engine runs as a separate process. If you forcefully end that process, Dorico will happily load again without a reboot.

That is probably what you might expect in theory but, in practice, that is not what I observed. I had only 3 very small projects opened, I simply wanted to switch from one project to the next and, when I did that, Dorico froze and that was the end of it. I did end the process through the Task Manager and then I restarted Dorico but it was impossible to restart it again!!! And I happen to have an 8-core i7 Intel processor and I use Windows 10 pro and I have 64 MB of RAM!!
This issue happened two times so far and each time I did end the Dorico process through the Task Manager but, when I restarted Dorico, it stayed for an eternity to the screenshot that I provided. I waited around 20 min and then I had no other choices than to end the process through the Task Manager. I had no other option than to reboot my computer to have Dorico behave normally once again and in order to just be able to at least start Dorico!! That is what happened to me in practice.
So, I would love to see your scenario happen to me but it did not.

Please confirm that you ended the VSTAudioEngine process.

Very good question. I only ended the Dorico process, as I was not aware at all that there was a separate VSTAudioEngine process. When I also ended through the Task Manager this VSTAudioEngine process, I did manage to restart Dorico without having to do a full reboot. Thanks for the feedback on this matter.
I think I will be able to solve this issue if it happens again in the future by also ending the VSTAudioEngine process on top of ending the Dorico process. Problem solved I think.

I’m glad we got there in the end, but I can’t help but be a little puzzled as to how my first and second posts were unclear.

I just assumed that by ending the Dorico process, it should end all the associated processes, including the VSTAudioEngine process but it does not.