Dorico 4 Bug - Copy/paste sometimes drops a note


The above GIF is from a MIDI imported project file.

I tried three different scenarios:

  • I copied Bar 4 into Bar 3 - Perfect
  • I copied Bar 2 into Bar 3 - The snare drum note is disappeared
  • I copied Bar 2 into another instrument - The snare drum note is still disappeared

I think this could be a MIDI-Import related issue, because “Drum Set 1” is a MIDI imported track. However, I did modify the rhythm in Bar 2 by myself because the MIDI imported rhythm was not what I looked for.

Anyway, I opened a brand new project to test my theory:
I created a clean Drum Set instrument, and type the rhythm exactly like Bar 2, then did the copy/paste thing again, and the bug was gone. The copy/paste went perfectly.


Does anyone have an idea of what’s going on? If this is a bug, it’s a serious one because it would force me to examine everything I copy/paste. I am talking about the whole score, not just the percussion, because we don’t know if it’s limited to percussion yet.

Before copying if you go to Layout Options/Players/Percussion and set the Drums to Grid or Single-line Instruments, does everything look correct? If you try copying in this view, does it now copy correctly?

Hi Fred,

Thanks for helping.

The Grid did not work. The snare drum still disappeared:

But the Single-line fixed the issue:

BTW, I have noticed that every time this bug happens, the Rest in the next bar becomes orange.

I notice that your snare shows a triplet quarter rather than an eighth. Perhaps the cause of the problem?

If you could attach the project then we can take a look.

Hi Janus,

Unfortunately, no. I tested with a triplet eighth, but the bug behaved the same.

Hi Richard,

Thanks, but I think posting the project invades my privacy a little bit (okay I am lazy), but I just found a trick :

Let’s say I want to copy Bar 3 to Bar 4, if there is already a snare drum note before Bar 3, the copy won’t include the snare drum. If there is no snare drum before Bar 3, the copy will be flawless. Weird.

Thanks for sending me the file privately. This does indeed seem to be a bug - I’ve logged it for the developers to look at.