Dorico 4 Bug Report : Cmd Z and Exploding/Reducing functions


I noticed a bug when I use Exploding and Reducing functions. Sometimes, pressing Cmd-Z does not affect these functions, and instead cancels previous actions. It happened on different projects but not systematically.

Since I pressed cmd z several times wandering why it didn’t affect what I just did, I screwed up a lot of work I done just before… It is weird also how it selects different items at the same time (ie the exploded lines + things from previous actions on complete different staves). I hope this can be fixed.



There is another bug with the Reducing function when there are tuplets involved.

You can see the result :

Another example :

If you’re able to provide a reproducible case of Command-Z undoing something other than the last edit, that would be helpful. The only way I can imagine this could happen is if the edit you carried out didn’t complete successfully, which would in theory mean that some changes were made but no undo step could be created. That would mean that it would be imperative for us to see the specific edit that failed.

Ok, I’ll send you the project fil if the bug happens again. Just to make sure, my second post is about a bug completely different. I noticed the Explode function doesn’t work correctly when there is a tied tuplet.

Thanks for your help!


It just happened again! I don’t know what I can do : I chose by mistake the explode function instead of the reduce one and I lost my music on one staff. It is impossible to go back…

I noticed that cmd + z affects now only actions that are not related to copy/paste functions. It affects things I’ve done 10 minutes before on my project.

There are auto-saves that should help you go back to a state before that mistake. Use them!

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As before, @francisb, we really need to see the project itself and be able to reproduce the problem with the specific actions you took: I suspect that some part of the explode/reduce operation is failing, which would mean that the undo action isn’t being created, which means that the operation becomes non-undoable. Please provide us with the project and the steps required to reproduce the problem, and we’ll take a look.

I can send you the project by private message. However, the behaviour is not consistent. If I quit and reopen Dorico, it now works correctly…

Thanks Marc for the suggestion

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