Dorico 4: cannot select layouts on bottom of list

Hi guys,
thanks for Dorico 4, good job!
Found an issue selecting the layouts in a larger score. The entries at the bottom are not selectable. Cannot scroll to the end of the dropdown list, kind of “springs back”. Below the “Mallets” layout (see screenshot) are three more staves which never come in sight because they are hidden behind the taskbar of the OS. Only way is bringing the dropdown in focus by the mouse and pressing the down key on the keyboard one by one.

For your own info/ability to access those layouts in the meantime, you can cycle through layouts using these key commands.

Thanks for reporting this – we’ll see what we can do. In the meantime, you can use other methods to switch to a particular layout, e.g. select something on the staff of the part layout you want to view, and hit W (the shortcut for Window > Counterpart Layout) and there are also shortcuts in the Window menu to go to the next or previous layout.

ok, thanks guys!