Dorico 4 changing concert pitch!?

Hello. I just started a vocal arrangement project, but was shocked to find that the pitches I’ve put in so far are a bit more than a semitone too high. I checked other projects, one in F# minor that played in a little bit above G# minor. This is unsettling as I haven’t consulted my tuning fork before now.

I have restarted my MacBook pro M1, restarted Dorico multiple times, I know my tuning fork is correct. Got no other music software running; the project settings tell me Dorico is running in 44100Hz.

What should I do now? I’m not fluent in English, but I haven’t found any settings for concert pitch or chamber tone or anything (at least not that I need).

Edit: Can confirm that yesterday, the chamber tone was A=440. Not today.
Edit2: Tempo is also 130 instead of the 120 it’s supposed to be.

… and the sample rate of your audio output is…?

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Go to Edit > Device Setup and choose a different value from the Sample rate drop-down, wait a few seconds, then re-choose the original value again. That should hopefully sort it out – the issue is definitely a mismatch in the sample rate.