Dorico 4 Chord symbols

I’m going straight in and saying that I am an amateur composer - no pretensions of being a new Beethoven. I have one tin ear and my brain errs to the rational rather than the creative. But my heart goes the other way!
I just want to thank Steinberg for adding the chord symbol feature to Dorico 4. This made the upgrade well worthwhile.
I use it primarily to help me resolve harmonic issues that can arise when I compose ‘freely’. It’s not just about ‘correcting’ consonant harmony but also about finding exactly the dissonance I want for a dramatic effect. The old-fashioned rules of harmony and counterpoint were there for a good reason.
This was always a great feature of <> Sibelius. Dorico still has a little way to go to be as good as that competitor’s feature - e.g being able to switch through alternative text renderings - but, for me, it’s an immense step forward.
I also want to make mention of NotePerformer3. It’s fabulous and I think it should simply replace the ‘regular’ Steinberg set.
Thanks Steinberg.

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Thanks for taking the time to write to tell us you’re enjoying using Dorico 4 and NotePerformer. That’s really great to hear!