Dorico 4 content won't launch on Cubase

I’ve just purchased Dorico 4 and I’m using Cubase 11. I’ve installed all the content from Dorico 4 and it works there. But as I started Cubase 11, a pop-up told me that there were no valid licences to use Halion Orchestra and Olympus Choir.

What can I do?

Maybe the new licensing system now restricts the licenses for those libraries to the products they are bundled with?

Meaning: You wouldn’t be able to use HSO or Olympus Choir Micro in Cubase unless you buy Absolute 5 or a discrete license for those libraries.

If you have a dongle with Dorico Pro 3.x on it, you should be able to access them with that plugged into the PC, right?


This is an interesting use case actually…

Your plug-in is licensed by the new system, but Cubase 11 doesn’t work with the new activation system yet.

At least HALion Sonic SE should see the content, am I wrong?

I didn’t purchase any version of Dorico prior to 4. But it seems that Halion can use the content, it is just that every time I launch Cubase I get this annoying and useless pop-up.


Yes, it seems that, some issue with the new and old license systems. Halion Sonic SE actually load the content withouth any problem, but every time I launch Cubase I get this annoying and useless pop-up. Is there any way to report this issue?


I have reported it already.

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I just posted a comment to this issue over in the Dorico forum so sorry to double post. It’s just that this is a very annoying issue that needs to be resolved.
I had Cubase Pro 11 already installed, purchased and installed Dorico Pro 4 yesterday and now I also get this license mismatch resulting in that same annoying message telling me that I’m missing licenses for both HALion Symphonic Orchestra and Olympus Choir Micro - everytime I launch Cubase 11.
I have no intention of updating to Cubase 12 at this time for several reasons, the lack of support for Mojave on Mac being one of them. Besides, it would very much surprise me if the support for Cubase 11 was already dropped. So, surely the Steinberg team must have an idea about how to solve this issue by now, right?