Dorico 4 content won't launch on Cubase

I’ve just purchased Dorico 4 and I’m using Cubase 11. I’ve installed all the content from Dorico 4 and it works there. But as I started Cubase 11, a pop-up told me that there were no valid licences to use Halion Orchestra and Olympus Choir.

What can I do?

Maybe the new licensing system now restricts the licenses for those libraries to the products they are bundled with?

Meaning: You wouldn’t be able to use HSO or Olympus Choir Micro in Cubase unless you buy Absolute 5 or a discrete license for those libraries.

If you have a dongle with Dorico Pro 3.x on it, you should be able to access them with that plugged into the PC, right?


This is an interesting use case actually…

Your plug-in is licensed by the new system, but Cubase 11 doesn’t work with the new activation system yet.

At least HALion Sonic SE should see the content, am I wrong?

I didn’t purchase any version of Dorico prior to 4. But it seems that Halion can use the content, it is just that every time I launch Cubase I get this annoying and useless pop-up.


Yes, it seems that, some issue with the new and old license systems. Halion Sonic SE actually load the content withouth any problem, but every time I launch Cubase I get this annoying and useless pop-up. Is there any way to report this issue?


I have reported it already.

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