Dorico 4 crash on conversion from 3.5.10

I have a Dorico 3.5 file that works fine in that version. When I open it in Dorico 4 I get the popup that tells me it is version 3.5.10 and will be automatically converted. Then Dorico 4 crashes with an access violation, C0000005. The process just disappears without any indication of what is wrong other than the report in the event log. This happens with that file on two different Windows 10 computers. Two questions: 1. Is there a way I can usefully report this? and 2. Any suggestions for a workaround?

Generate a Diagnostic Report in Dorico and attach it (from the Desktop) to a message here.

Here it is.
Dorico (1.1 MB)

Sorry for the inconvenience, @Boar_Gules. If you’d like to send me the offending project (either by attaching it here, or to a private message, or by emailing it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de) I can be sure about it, but I expect this problem is fixed in the forthcoming maintenance update, which will be released in a few days.

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Hi, Daniel, thanks for the reply.
I’m happy to know a maintenance update is coming in the near future, because that means I can postpone trying to find a workaround, which was bound to be tedious.
Here it is. At least your having it now will let you establish early whether the problem has been fixed. If not, one little thing I can add is that it appears to matter which layout (full score or bass part) was displayed when the file was saved.
Chœur d’Albret 2022.dorico (2.3 MB)

Thanks for sending the file. I can confirm that this project is indeed falling foul of the same bug, and it’ll be OK in the next update.

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Knowing that has saved me having to spend ages exporting and reimporting the file flow by flow in an effort to localize the problem.