Dorico 4 crashes

Hi! I upgraded to Dorico 4 a week ago and had an issue where the software crashed. I updated the graphics driver and it worked fine and now it has started doing it again. I was working on a project yesterday and I was copying two chords that I wanted them to be repeated on the next bar and it crashed. I shut the computer down and called it a night and today I thought that it would run again smoothly, but it didn’t. Dorico loads fine, but it lags and after a minute or so inside the project it crashes. I issued a diagnostic report and I will attach it here if it is of any help.

Diagnostic Report

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for submitting your diagnostics, Alex. It looks like you’re still running Dorico 4.0 at the moment – we released an update to Dorico 4.0.10 last week, and I would recommend you install that update to see if it helps.

Click here to download the Dorico 4.0.10 installer for Windows.

If you have Steinberg Download Assistant installed, you can also download Dorico 4.0.10 from there, and that will also cause Steinberg Activation Manager to be updated, which I would also recommend.

Hello again!

Thanks! Updating Dorico seems to have solved the issue.

By the way, everytime I run the Steinberg Download Assistant I get a window pop-up prompting me to shut down applications so that the elicenser Control software can be installed or install something. I have no clue however what applications it means. The Steinberg applications are all closed.


I think it’s possible that other apps that access the HALion sounds, like Logic, might need closing too.

At some point, I’d recommend running Steinberg Download Assistant immediately after a system reboot and before you run any audio/music apps on your computer, so you can be sure that it’s able to update all the necessary components. This isn’t urgent, however.

Again, I did as you suggested and ran the Download Assistant immediately after a reboot and it installed everything! Thanks! Much appreciated!