Dorico 4 crashing immediately on start-up

I installed the newest Dorico 4 on my Mac today, but it crashes the moment it starts. No matter how many times I reinstall or download anything other than the latest version, I get the same symptoms.
Because it crashes too quickly, I can’t “run Dorico again and choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report” — Attached here is a text of the Mac crash report.

Thank you, (7.7 KB)

Welcome to the forum, @Akihisa, and I’m sorry that you’re having this problem immediately after installing Dorico. It looks to me like Dorico is having problems scanning the VST plug-ins on your system. I’m going to ask my colleague Ulf if he has any advice, and we’ll come back to you as soon as possible.

Ulf thinks that in fact it may be the video engine that is failing to start up on your system. Can we try experimentally removing the video engine from Dorico to see if that allows it to start up, while I wait to hear from my colleague Rene about what might be going on there?

Find the Dorico 4 application package in your Applications folder, right-click it, and choose Show Package Contents. You’ll see the contents of the bundle in a Finder window: go into Contents, then into Components, and you will see a file called videoengine.bundle. Move this out of the bundle, e.g. to your Desktop. You will probably be asked to authenticate with your password as you do this.

Once the videoengine.bundle is no longer inside the package, try running Dorico 4 again from your Applications folder. Does it now start up?

Thank you for your reply!
Unfortunately, although I tried to do as you said, the same symptom still occurs…
Attached is the log of this error. (7.7 KB)

Unfortunately the crash is still exactly the same. Would you please try the following then?
Navigate to /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components (that is the Library folder in the root of your hard drive) and rename the Components folder temporarily to something else, e.g. _Components. If you then try to start Dorico, still the same?

Thank you for your kind support. I did as you’d said, and Dorico started without problems (maybe, I need download and install “Dorico Pro 4 Sounds Installer,” I’ll do it later. If something happens, I’ll write here). Thanks so much!

No no, it has nothing to do with the sounds installer.
See, in that Components folder you have some “rotten” component that Dorico falls over. Please post a listing of all the files you have in that Components folder. Thanks

Alternatively you can do the following;
Stop Dorico
Create a new Components folder (since you have still the renamed one, right?)
Copy one of the components from the rename folder to the new folder
Start Dorico again and see what happens
If it starts fine, stop Dorico and copy the next component and continue the iteration
If Dorico crashes you have found the “rotten” one. Please let us know which one it is.

Oh, excuse me. I reinstalled sounds, now Dorico works fine.
The listing of all the files I have in the Components (now renamed as _Components):
HALion Sonic SE.vst3

After creating a new Components folder and
copying the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series.bundle, Dorico crashed immediately,
copying the KOMPLETE KONTROL AM-Series.bundle, the same issue happened.
I think this two files are the “rotten”.


Now, that is interesting. Normally I would not expect components from Native Instruments in that folder, because it is a Steinberg path. However, I guess they have good reasons to put it there, at least I hope so.
But this is now something we can also try on our end, namely installing Komplete and seeing what is happening.
And do you also have Cubase or Nuendo? No problem on that end?

Hey Ulf, I was just browsing the forum, and read this post now. (you know me from another thread, regarding hanging dorico).
Anyways, in the hope of maybe providing information to the devs, I just want to say that I as well have the Komplete components in my application support → Steinberg → components folder.
Maybe it means nothing. But thought Id throw it out there.


Thanks very much @aleos , that is good information. May I additionally ask you what version you have of those dlls?
@Akihisa , and how about your versions of Komplete?

the NI components in my Steinberg components folder are:
Komplete Kontrol AM-Series.bundle
Komplete Kontrol S-Series.bundle

both of the components say “version 1.0.0”, when I get info.

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Sorry for the delay in replying.
It is indeed a strange thing that there were KOMPLETE. I was experimenting with some DAW software and synths on my old computer, so maybe it got mixed up somehow.
I haven’t installed Cubase or Nuendo on my current computer.
By the way, both of my NI components also say “ver. 1.0.0.”


I guess the version number is just plain wrong. They’ve set it once and never updated, because Komplete is already officially at version 13.
Anyhow, so since aleos has those libs also in the same place, it seems Native puts them deliberately there. But Dorico should cope with them in any case, so I’ve created an entry in our bug database.

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Just a minor point, may or may not be important, but I think ‘Komplete Kontrol’ refers to the software that comes with NI’s hardware keyboards. (of which I have owned 2 different ones), as opposed to the big bundle of all their products.

btw, should I delete those NI files? Are they doing anything (other than causing grief) in Dorico’s folder?

Hi @aleos , if you don’t own those keyboards anymore, well, then you can also delete those files. On the other hand, at least on your machine they just sit around and don’t cause havocs, but you never know…

I still in fact do have one. It is my main midi controller. I was just unsure if they were doing anything in that folder. But maybe there’s a good reason the German’s put it there, as you mentioned.

Our fix is now to check for the bundle names and if we encounter Komplete then simply ignore them and not trying to load them in.

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thanks so much for your attention on the these hanging/crashing problems.

cheers Ulf

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