Dorico 4 Crashing (or so it seems)

I’ve had Dorico crash (or just spin forever) when working on relatively small orchestral projects. Today, it happened several times when attempting to copy/paste bowings from one note to another in the Violin part. I’m attaching a ZIP file of the latest log. In Activity Monitor (on Mac, obviously) I saw the memory usage for Dorico go up past 150GB before I killed the process. (82.5 KB)

Here’s a link to the corresponding discussion on FB: Redirecting...

Would I be correct in guessing that you had selected a bar or similar by clicking in a blank part of the staff, and then tried to paste your playing technique? If so, then you’re experiencing this crash:

For the time being, make sure that you select only a single note or chord as the destination for your paste, and you should find that it works OK. Sorry for the inconvenience caused: this will be fixed in the next update.

Thanks, Daniel. It’s quite likely it was that–I move very quickly, and I’m not convinced I know what was selected as the target of my paste. It was intended that it was a specific note, but who knows? I’ll keep an eye out for this one. Thanks!

Update: This copy+paste on multiple items bug seems fixed in Version Many thanks!

On the other hand, I am still getting occasional crashes when using cmd-2 / cmd-3 to switch between Write and Engrave Mode. Is this a known issue? Crash log attached. Many thanks again…
Dorico-crash-25March2022.pdf (86.2 KB)

I have had frequent crashes switching modes in 4. Hoping this crash log yields insight.

Yes, we know about the crash that can occur when switching modes. Unfortunately at the present time we have been unable to reproduce the problem in-house, and because the crash is not occurring in Dorico itself but rather in the underlying system libraries (no doubt brought about by Dorico in some way, of course) we can’t as yet solve the problem.

One more clue about this is that it doesn’t happen soon after opening a file, but after I’ve done several kinds of edits. I will of course try to get more specific if I can.

Here’s another crash log in case it helps. For me, this crash occurs multiple times a day, always when switching modes.
Dorico-crash-3April2022.pdf (139.1 KB)

Wondering about the reason you haven’t been able to reproduce it in house, I tried removing (renaming) my custom keyboard shortcuts and running Dorico. I have been making edits and switching modes freely for several minutes now and, as I suspected, no crash.

Edit: The next day, still crashed after enough edits, even with all default shortcuts.
Sorry for the false lead.

Unfortunately as yet we still have been unable to reproduce this problem in-house, but we remain hopeful that we will catch this bug in the act soon.