Dorico 4 Crashing


I’m so far delighted with Dorico 4, and it introduces a lot of new features that are very convenient and helpful for me. I’m especially pleased with the numbered bar region feature.

However, I’m finding that Dorico 4 crashes (“unexpectedly quits”) — a lot. With previous versions, Dorico only crashed maybe once or twice a year, but the new version crashed more than ten times today.

Here are some (not all) of the things that caused crashes today:

  • Entering tasto in the figured bass popover
  • Pressing W to switch back to the full score layout (4 crashes today)
  • Changing engraving options to not show fermatas on cues, then applying the change
  • Switching from a part layout to the score layout (in setup, write, and engrave modes) (five crashes today)

Is anyone else experiencing this high number of crashes? Yes, I have restarted my computer, numerous times.
I’m using macOS Monterey 12.1 on a MacBook (12-inch, 2017). I use NotePerformer, but otherwise everything is the “stock configuration.”

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Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the zip file created on your desktop here so we can take a look and see what’s happening.

Dorico (477.5 KB)
Here you are — thank you!

Thanks – all of those crashes appear to be related to drawing “tasto solo”. They look a bit familiar to me, but I’m not sure whether this is a problem we’ve seen and already fixed since we built the released version, or whether we’ve seen it but so far been unable to reproduce. Anyway, we’ll try to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible.

I’ve also experienced several crashes in the last few hours. I’ve attached a diagnostic report, hope it helps. Really love the updates in 4.
Dorico (757.7 KB)

Thanks! I’ll remove my “tasto solo” markings for now and go back to using regular text for those. I’ll see if that stops the crashes.

And regarding “tasto solo” — what font style is used for that? Changing “figured bass text font” doesn’t seem to affect the “tasto solo” markings, and I’m not sure what other font style would be relevant.

Hi Daniel,

I experienced a crash after importing a flow from a v3.5 file into my current file, which had also been created in 3.5.

Attaching the Diagnostics file in the hope that it may be helpful.
Dorico (631.5 KB)

@leftyloosey Thanks for the crash logs – I will investigate and come back to you if we need more information.

@falhousen Your diagnostics only include a single crash in the audio engine – paging @Ulf.

@JBH There is a dedicated paragraph style for the tasto solo marking, found in Library > Paragraph Styles.

Hi @falhousen, your crash is most curious. One audio engine thread crashed and the stack for that thread looks like this:

Thread 28 Crashed:
0 ??? 0x0000000137ea84dc 0 + 5233083612
1 ??? 0x00007fff806796f0 guard variable for std::__1::generic_category()::s + 8
2 ??? 0x0000000137ea86fe 0 + 5233084158
3 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff203418fc _pthread_start + 224
4 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x00007fff2033d443 thread_start + 15

Most interestingly, there where the 3 question marks appear, normally the application or plug-in identifier appears, but in this case even the operating system can’t establish which code it was running. So unless you have a reproduction for the crash, there is nothing we can do about it, because the crash file in this form is useless to us. Sorry

Hi, experienced similar problems as falhousen - tried to import flows from dorico 3.5 file. Here are my logs (too large, so i put in on my google drive)

Also one crash occured when nudging a lyrics syllable in engraving mode.

Thanks for the data @hpta. There are 2 audio engine crash dumps and they both look the same. However, I can not imagine how that should have something to do with audio export, but I will ask our experts. On the other hand, can you reliably reproduce that crash?

@dspreadbury I’ve logged this as AD-738, but there are also some Dorico dumps in hpta’s diagnostics. Please have a look at those ones.

@Ulf I can.
Open p_new.dorico, then do File->Import->Flows, select p_old.dorico,
then in the dialog press OK (doesn’t matter if “merge with existing players” is selected)
p_new.dorico (1.0 MB)
p_old.dorico (3.1 MB)

@hpta , thanks very much, I will try myself.

@hpta , yes, I can reproduce that what you describe as well, but it only crashes Dorico, the audio engine simply continues running with me.
@dspreadbury please also try with the provided projects.

Thanks, we’ll look into this.

I’ve looked into this crash and it’s caused by the fact that the project you’re importing flows into (p_new.dorico) has no flows in it itself. To work around the crash for now, please add a dummy flow to this project, which you can remove again after you have imported the flows from the other project. Sorry for the inconvenience – we will make sure this is fixed as soon as possible.

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the workaround works. Thanks.

btw. I really love the “Hide key signatures and Hide clefs” options :slight_smile: for my “dense & performance ready & without many page turns” scores.

Thanks Ulf.

Glad to hear my threads are interesting! :grin: we aim to please.

FYI, I had not rebooted my Mac after installing D4, when this crash happened. Not sure if that had something to do with it, but after rebooting I haven’t had any problems.

I’ll let you know if it recurs.

Loving the update.

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Got it — thanks!

I guess I’m still a little confused about what goes in Paragraph Styles and what goes in Font Styles. I had thought Paragraph Styles was for text that would be found in a “paragraph,” for instance in shift-x text or in a text frame, while font styles were for things in other objects — figured bass, tempi, etc.
Therefore I would expect “tasto solo” to be a Font Style rather than a Paragraph Style.

But am I confused about some aspect of this?

If Dorico had been perfect in its implementation from its immaculate conception, then font styles would really only be used for things that are drawn directly in the music, or that definitely require no formatting (since font styles are simpler and cannot support “rich” text like mid-run changes in format), and paragraph styles would be used for pretty much everything that is printed using normal alphanumeric characters.

But paragraph and character styles were a late addition during the pre-1.0 development period, so a bunch of early features ended up using font styles that should really have used paragraph styles, and it’s non-trivial to rework existing features to use paragraph styles instead.

So that’s the long-term plan, to migrate most text-ish things to use paragraph styles. But certainly all new text-ish things that we’ve added for the past several versions use paragraph styles and not font styles, and that will continue.