Dorico 4 Crashing

Thanks — that makes a lot of sense.
It’ll be good eventually when most text things are migrated to paragraph styles — but Dorico 4 makes that less important, now that the Font Styles settings are as easy to work with as Paragraph Styles always were.

Lots of crashes here too, especially while working in 24EDO. Last time it happened, I launched again the app and the sound was gone. After another restart, it came back. Here is the diagnostic. Unfortunately I don’t have the project I was working on (I had just started it and didn’t save it).
Dorico (2.2 MB)

Thanks for your crash report, @Piergiorgio_Pirro. The crash in your case is trying to update the menu showing the current tonality system in the Key Signatures panel in Write mode. If you can reproduce this with a particular project, please do pass it on to me so I can look into it further.

It just happened again, and I wasn’t even using the program – I was reading on my browser. I don’t know if a new crash report might be useful…
Dorico (2.2 MB)

I’m afraid there’s no new crash dump in that set of diagnostics, so I can’t look any further into what happened on that occasion.

Hello Daniel,
Enjoying Dorico Pro 4, however am also having crash problems every time I try and create chord symbols (Shift Q) or copy and paste text.
Diagnostic crash file attached - Mac Big Sur 11.6
Should I roll back to 3.5 in the meantime?
Dorico (474.6 KB)

Update Every time I select text that I’ve written (shift X), the playback changes to external speakers, and I have to keep changing them back to headphones. Getting rid of NotePerformer has helped, but still crashing)…

Thank you for the latest version. It’s fantastic!
However I’m also having crashes, doing just different things in setup mode and in write mode. No particular reason.
Just in case I attach diagnostics.
Dorico (809.7 KB)

Thanks for your crash dumps, Wojtek. Unfortunately they look like the same kinds of non-reproducible Qt-related crashes we occasionally see. If you come up with any steps to reproduce the problems, please do let me know.

Hi Daniel, I also had Dorico crashing multiple times when applying a playing technique to a selection of few notes (as opposed to one, which worked).
I created the Dorico but its size is 32 MB and I’m not allowed to upload a file bigger than 4 MB. Would it be of any interest to you? If so, how can I pass it on?

There’s probably no need to in this specific case: we’ve already found and fixed the bug related to creating a playing technique with multiple simultaneous notes in a percussion kit selected, and this will be fixed in the first maintenance update, coming soon. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!


Fantastic, thank you for your swift reply and all your work!

To follow up:
Once I removed the tasto solo, the crashes stopped entirely — not one crash since. Thanks!

Oooh Dorico team, I didn’t even expect a more amazing version 4. Thank you very much!
But crash. After editing tonality system and after trying it “Safe As Default”, Dorico4 becomes not respond.
I can’t upload Diagnostic zip because writes: Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is too large (maximum size is 4MB).

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing a crash, @Sigitas. Please email me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de with your diagnostic report, and please also include the project from which you’re trying to save your tonality system as a default so that I can see what might be happening there.