Dorico 4 Crashing

Hi @David26 , does it do that with every project you open? How about if you start a new project, same?
Also, if you can, please do from Dorico’s main menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

I’m just clicking the Dorico app icon. The program won’t even open. I can’t get to the help menu as it shuts down after about 2 seconds from opening it.

When I get home I’ll try opening a saved project.

Okay, I understand.
Are you on Win or Mac?

MacBook Pro from 2 years ago.

In that case please go to /Users/[yourname]/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports and see if you can find any file there that starts with Dorico or VSTAudioEngine. Please zip them up and post here.
Similarly zip up the folders
/Users/[yourname]/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4
/Users/[yourname]/Library/Preferences/Dorico 4 VSTAudioEngine
as they contain configuration and log data.
Please also post them here. Many thanks

I am getting a crash when trying to enter a note, no funny plug ins. Is this anything you can address? Do you think I need to update my OS or something? I am in Mojave 10.14.6


Dorico (993.0 KB)

In the diagnostics you’ve attached, there are two crash logs: one is a crash in the audio engine, apparently caused by the Spitfire Originals Felt Piano plug-in, so you might want to contact Spitfire about that. The other is a crash we have seen from quite a few Mac users that we have unfortunately as yet been unable to reproduce at will. It seems to happen most often when changing the window mode, but it can in fact apparently happen after executing any command: in your case it appears to have happened after starting note input. However, you should find that it doesn’t happen again right away.

Hi Ulf. Here are some of the files you requested. There were no Dorico files in the Diagnostic Reports only 2 VSTAudioEngine5 files and 2 Aria2c files (zipped and sent)

This folder: /Users/[yourname]/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4
was empty

There was no folder called /Users/[yourname]/Library/Preferences/Dorico 4

and there was no folder called /Users/[yourname]/Library/Preferences/Dorico 4 VSTAudioEngine

however in Preferences there was a file called com.paceap.eden.clientdb.v1.01.sdb

the is too large to send 16.7 MB was also too large to send at 7.3 MB

I sent some other zipped files that might be helpful. (4.8 KB) (5.7 KB)

Ulf, I forgot to mention that this box appears when I try to open Dorico and I was unable to zip Diagnostic Reports. There was an error.

Dorico still won’t open at all.

@dspreadbury , I’ve just had a screen sharing session with David and it turned out that also with him the userlibrary.xml seemed to be the problem. Taking that away and Dorico would start again.

Hi Dorico,
Been pretty stable lately, but started crashing again today. I have only Dorico pianos in there, as it is a piano reduction. When I press the play section to get to the play mode, then back again to write, it crashes. I have also been working with Spitfire as you suggested and that is working better now. Changed the external drive to something faster.
Dorico (1.6 MB)

The two crash logs contained within show the same, familiar, as yet unreproducible crash, I’m afraid.