Dorico 4: custom scale for printer no longer works for PDF export

I export all my scores in PDF-format to my iPad. To avoid too large margins (which are ok for printing) I used to set the scale factor on the printer tab to 110%, switched over to the Graphics tab and exported as PDF. This no longer works in Dorico 4, the exported PDF is always 100%.

I know that I could now duplicate the layouts, lock the layout, set smaller margins and use these layouts for exporting, but the way I did it was so easy and effortless, please bring it back!

It has always been the intention that PDFs should export at “actual size” when you use the settings on the right-hand side in Print mode to export PDFs. It may have been possible to subvert this somehow, but it wasn’t a designed feature of the software. However, I will think about how we might support this properly in future.

Can you use Duplicate Layout and reset the page margins to zero?

It worked just without doing any tricks in all versions but in Dorico 4!

What are you using to read PDFs of music, if not ForScore?

Yes ForScore, great app.

I always just scale the page within ForScore. With consistent margins, it’s just one adjustment per file.

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Thank you for the advice. Until now I thought that you had to scale each page individually… This works fine.