Dorico 4 - Default HSE playback template essential in order to add new players

I have realised that adding HSE Pro as a default to every template is a must if you intend to add players to an existing template. I created a new playback template for SSS with a limite.d number of players and when I tried to add new players/instruments it would not allow me to allocate the instrument in play mode. The box was blank. So I added HSE Pro to SSS in the playback template, reloaded the project and voila I was able to add new players/instruments

You can of course add new players and instruments regardless of which playback template you are using, but if you want them to have some kind of default sound after you add them if they are not otherwise handled by your playback template, it’s certainly a good idea to have a fallback device defined in your playback template.

I found I couldn’t even create an additional valid endpoint file without HSSE added to the small SSS template I had created. It’s not a problem now I understand how vital it is. I will just add it automatically to every playback template I create.