Dorico 4 display bug

Sometimes I get this window display bug where the the panel on the left seems to narrow in setup mode, you can see the parts where you are meant to click on the right are covered over.

Yes, we’ve seen this too: it happens when the player names get too long, and instead of properly eliding them as it’s meant to, it ends up making the whole list of cards wider. It’s a cosmetic problem that is not new to Dorico 4 (though it does now seem to happen more often, for some reason) and it’s on our list of things to address; for the time being, closing and reopening the project should be sufficient to resolve it, at least temporarily.

Great, thanks for the quick reply. Ah yes, it sorted after re-opening. Really happy with the version 4, it’s now ready for professional use by me I feel so I’m working on a job with it to see how it fairs. Of course it can handle the notion side of things but it’s more about workflow when working on 40 or so film cues in a week or two. I like how it handles midi from a DAW and the template feature is working really nicely although I’ve found I need to open the midi in Dorico and then export it as a flow and then import into a new file from template to get best results. Looking forward to it becoming my main notation program for work!

Great. I’d be very pleased to hear some feedback after you’ve been through a project or two under time pressure. Dorico has been used with great success for lots of film, TV and game projects at this point, and it’s important to us that the software works well in those kinds of jobs.

I’ll keep some note over the next few weeks and let you know how I get on! For the moment I’m hardly finding any gripes and when I do the answer is out there. I love the extend note to selection option. It’s so good when dealing with a midi export of long string notes etc that need the final quaver added! And the fill the gaps option for midi import is a massive time saver.