Dorico 4 Elements: final barline at Fine


I cannot add a final barline where Fine is indicated. The thing is that the next system starts with a start repeat barline.

I’ve read somewhere about creating a new flow for this but that creates new problems. There should be a practical way to do this task.

Since it is fine only the last time through, it would be more correct to write a (thin) double barline there. But I just tried it, and that is not possible either! I agree, this is needed.

I tried that also.

In Engraving Options>Barlines>Repeats, under Barline at end of system coinciding with start repeat select Double barline.

Unfortunately this option is not available in Dorico Elements, which does not have the Engraving Options dialog.

@pedroabreu77, if you’d like to attach your project here, I can make this change for you and attach it for you.

I wonder whether the overall consensus is that this option should be set to show a double barline by default in new projects? Perhaps it should be.

Oops! I read the whole topic, but not the title!

Thank you for the offer,

Here’s the file.
FANDANGUILLO.dorico (803.4 KB)

Here you go:

FANDANGUILLO.dorico (804.3 KB)

Thank you for the edit.

But now when I try to create a start repeat barline on a new system it automatically creates a thin double bar line on the previous one. I have no control on this type of operation.

What did you and is there any hack I can do myself do control the barlines?

Once again, thank your for your time.

A barline at the end of the system and the start of the following system is the same position in musical/rhythmic terms and hence there’s only a single barline there: the Engraving Option I’ve set for you allows you to specify whether or not there will be a double barline at that position when it coincides with the end of the system, but you can’t control this on a system-by-system basis: it’s set for the whole project.

And that is the root of your conundrum to set it to default or not! Whilst there is a clear need to be able to have a double bar preceding a start repeat, there are equally many instances where it is undesirable (where the start repeat coincidentally occurs at the beginning of a line).

As I told you in the previous reply,

on the project that you sent back to me if I put a start repeat barline on a new system it automatically creates a thin double barline at the end of the previous system. This is not normal. In the case of a Fine mark yes but otherwise no.

On a new project, with identical case, it automatically creates a standard single barline even if I put the Fine mark, in which case there should be the otpion to put a double barline.

In other words, I have no control over this as Dorico 4 Elements doesn’t allow it.

This raises a new question: do you consider this function elementary and, if so, can we expect to see it corrected?

Btw, we all know that software is not without faults and that some of them, like the one discuted here, are by-products of design decisions. But hats off to Dorico 4, it is truly a race horse as it stands now and I’m sure it will only get better.

We don’t have any plans to include the full Engraving Options dialog in Dorico Elements, no.

That wasn’t the question.

Perhaps this is what you want me to answer. And the answers are no, and no.

So, the hability to correctly display barlines is not elementary?

Dorico does display barlines correctly.

No, it does not. That’s the issue in this post.

We will have to agree to disagree. It is not usual to show a final barline at Fine, though it is certainly usual to show a double barline there, and Dorico does provide that functionality (though not by default in Dorico Elements, which I agree is less than ideal).

Forget the final barline, the double barline would do it. The point is that that function is not present in Elements and it should be because it is indeed elementary - it is not a matter of opinion because no one would ever put out a score without it. Anyhow, we hit a wall here. Good luck!