Dorico 4 Error message at startup

This error message pops up each time I start Dorico 4.


I can click it off (have to do that 3 times) and everything works fine.
Any idea where to look for to get rid of this?


What version of eLicenser Control Center do you have?

This could well be the problem with a crashing audio plugin described e.g. here Unknown interapplication HSSE occurs (Solved!)

Ulf, here:


Thanks, that is the latest you have, that is good. Please follow the advice that Richard gave.

I was able to solve the problem by removing “euconadapter65.dll” from
c:\Program Files\Common Files\Steinberg\Shared Components\

Thanks for your prompt help, very much appreciated.


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On startup Dorico 4 comes up three times with a message box with the following error message:
“Unknown applicationAn unknown interapplication communication error occurred…”
After clicking each time on the empty button, Dorico 4 starts up and runs properly.

=> Oh I saw that the problem has already been solved (in this thread) by removing the “euconadapter65.dll” from the “Steinberg\Shared Components” folder.
This also solves the problem on my PC, great!
I was a bit worried because this error did not occur on my laptop but on my PC, and only with Dorico 4 but not with 3.5, now it is clearer to me why this happens.
Thank you for your help.