Dorico 4 Expression Maps

Having another go with xmaps now in Dorico 4. Have a few instruments setup and these can be heard in Write mode as new notes are entered and the activity is seen in the mixer as expected… In Play mode the playback works as expected as long as no xmap is present . When an xmap is added to that instrument, playback is silent–no activity in mixer either. I figuring something was awry with my xmap so a new xmap was created which only contains “Init” (which it seems you cannot delete)…and this didn’t help–still silence during playback. I keep thinking there must be some switch somewhere to tell Dorico that xmaps are active…but maybe not. Anyone have a clue what I’m doing wrong?

A basic thing about Expression maps is that the articulations you put into them must use the correct option for dynamics. It’s either Velocity or a continous controll (CC) - very often CC1. (Mod Wheel)

IOW: if you load an expression map that specifies Velocity on an instrument that expects CC1, you will not hear anything. And vice versa… (you can test with the default maps in Dorico: “Default” or “Velocity and Mod Wheel Dynamic” )

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Thanks! All is well now.