Dorico 4 filtro de instrumentos Windows 11

hola estoy viendo que cuando utilizo el filtro de instrumentos en galera y tengo puesta la condensacion el programa se cuelga a veces y es tremendamente lento para cambiar el filtro.
?esto es normal¿
Diria que asi es casi imposible trabajar¡

Translated by DeepL:

hello I am seeing that when I use the instrument filter in galley and I have set the condensation the program hangs sometimes and is extremely slow to change the filter.
Is this normal?
I would say that it is almost impossible to work like this!

Perhaps you could attach a project in which you find this to be particularly slow? It’s worth knowing that when you change the instrument filter, Dorico is basically recalculating that layout from scratch (it is a bit more sophisticated than merely hiding the instruments not included in the filter), so if condensing is enabled, that will certainly add to the time it takes.

It could be that the project you are working on is causing a specific performance problem, which is why when users report slow performance, it’s very important to provide the specific project that is causing the problem, together with specific information about the exact operation that is slow.

LAVI Y EL NET note rectificado.dorico (3.1 MB)
El problema esta en el modo galera filtros de instrumentos ,en modo condensacion no es lento ¿es muy lento y se cuelga?.si quito la condensacion trabaja lento y cuesta mucho cambiar

Translated by DeepL:

The problem is in the galley mode instrument filters, in condensation mode is not slow is very slow and hangs. if I remove the condensation works slow and costs a lot to change.

Thanks for sending your project. It’s definitely much, much too slow to enable/disable instrument filters when galley view is enabled. We will look into this as soon as we can.

To follow up on this thread: we have looked into this problem and we will have a fix for it in the first maintenance update, so that changing instrument filter in galley view will be feasible in a project like this with condensing enabled.


muchas gracias sera estupendo y muy comodo para trabajar.
Sois magnificos y superatentos​:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley: